rustyThe Rusty Nail is the ultimate in Scotch cocktails and if you are interested in that style of whiskey, this is a drink you should be familiar with. Traditionally, this classic cocktail is made with blended Scotch, though Glenlivet 15 year single malt is my Scotch of choice here. Experiment with different types of Scotch and add more or less Drambuie (a Scotch-based liqueur) to suit your tastes, allowing the whisky’s distinct personality to shine through.

The Rusty Nail became popular in the early 50’s and was most famously enjoyed bydrambuie Frank, Dino, Sammy and Peter Lawford, otherwise known as the Rat Pack. Uisng the delicate scotch blended mixer drambuie, a blend of Scotch Whiskey, a little honey, as well as other spices, in a ratio suited to your taste, typicylly 2/3 scotch 1/3 Drambuie, don’t skimp on the Scotch. Just like a Manhattan is only as good as the Bourbon you use, a Rusty Nail is only as good as the Scotch that is in the drink.  Johnny Walker Red is good, but Black is better.