This is an excellent refreshing drink certain perfect for the hot summers.

Home of Paula’s Texas Orange and Paula’s Texas Lemon premium handmade liqueurs from Austin, Texas.

Paula’s Texas Orange has a zesty orange flavor, perfect for enhancing your margaritas and classic cocktails. Once you’ve had it you will wonder how you got along without it. A margarita made with Paula’s Texas Orange has a special depth and style you can’t get with a mix or artificially flavored liqueur.

Paula’s Texas Lemon has a light, fresh lemon profile. Like limoncello, it transports you to that satisfied sense of well-being you get gazing over the Italian countryside. Or maybe the Texas Hill Country. Enjoy it chilled after dinner or mixed in a great cocktail.

Paula’s Punch

Makes one gallon.

1 750-ml bottle Paula’s Texas Orange
2 12-oz. cans mango nectar
6 oz. pineapple juice
8 oz. lime juice
1 2-liter bottle club soda

Mix ingredients and serve over ice.


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